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about us

Erica founded Fitward after her daughter was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disorder. As a physician, wife, and mother, she wanted to do what was best for her daughter and her entire household. She decided to simplify her family's diet by eating less highly processed foods and meat and eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The family quickly realized the benefits. However, Erica also quickly realized living a healthier lifestyle was very time consuming and challenging. The time spent to exercise, find recipes, prep food, cook food, not to mention answering the dreaded question of "What are we going to have for dinner?" was frustrating and overwhelming. She felt that good health did not have to be sacrificed due to being busy. She founded Fitward to start tackling the challenges of healthier living. 

Fitward simplifies healthy living in three steps:

1. Eat well

2. Get active

3. Stick with it


Eat well and get active in ways that work for you so that you can stick with it. Start small and allow it grow as you adapt. 


Fitward is determined to do right by people and the environment. We foster an environment where people are the focus. We consider the impact on people and the environment in our decision-making and do the best we can to maximize our positive impact on people and the environment. We are a busy centered around family and  good intentions.


Fitward is here to make healthy simpler and easier. Live fitward. 

Simplicity. Convenience. Health.

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