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Create an Evidence-based, health-focused work environment with simple solutions using Fitward Workplace.
Currently servicing the Greater Indianapolis Area 
Chef Chopping Vegetables
Eat Fitward

Healthy Food 

Give your workplace family access to Fitward's healthy meals. 

Workout Shoes
Move Fitward

More Activity

Improve access to opportunities for physical activity throughout the day.

Go Team
Our Difference

Changing Lives

We genuinely want to make a difference in your workplace. Become Fitward family.

Eat Fitward WP

Eat Fitward


Eat healthy food more conveniently.

  • Access to weekly menus with healthy meals.

  • Order lunch for work and dinner for the entire family at home.

  • Meals are delivered routinely to the workplace.

  • Recipes are created and prepared by professional chefs.

  • All recipes are reviewed by a registered dietician.

  • Break rooms and common areas are also stocked with healthy snacks routinely.

MOVE Fitward

Red Running Shoes

Exercise more conveniently.

  • Create a work environment that encourages physical activity throughout the day.

  • Assistance with structuring time throughout the day for physical activity.

  • Organize group activities inside of the workplace.

OUr Commitment

People Clapping

Take great care of yourself more conveniently.

  • Work together with employees to create a positive, health-focused atmosphere.

  • Adapt plan based on constant evaluation and employee feedback.

  • Ensure satisfaction with our services.

  • Our goal is to make life more healthy and less stressful for your employees.

Mov Fitward WP
Our Commitment

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