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Vegetable Market

Grocery Shopping


How to Grocery Shop Fitwardly

Fresh Vegetable in Basket


  • Try to buy only what you will use in next few days

  • Organic when possible

  • Shop in season when buying fresh

  • Should be the bulk of shopping

Stalks of Wheat

Whole Grains

  • Read labels on any grain-based product

  • Ingredients label should say whole grain

  • Organic when possible



  • Try a variety of nuts and seeds, unsalted preferably

  • Legumes, Soy, Grains

  • Organic when possible

  • If choosing meat, GO LEAN poultry and seafood​

frozen vegetables


  • Can get off season produce that was frozen when fresh

  • Organic when possible

Juice in Glass


  • 100% juice (preferable to eat whole fruits/veggies)

  • Non-dairy milks, unsweetened

  • If choosing dairy, low or non-fat

  • Eggs, cage-free

  • Organic when possible

Homemade Granola


  • Read labels

  • Try dried fruit, nuts, seeds, beans

  • Healthy oils

  • Low saturated fat (<5% DV)

  • Low sodium (<5% DV)

  • Low/NO cholesterol (<5% DV)

  • Low added sugar (<6g/serving)

  • Keep it simple

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