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fitward how-to's

Minimalistic Kitchen

Creating a Fitward Home

It's about getting organized to make healthy more accessible and more simple!

Homemade Hummus

Building Healthy Habits

Reaching for a snack or quick lunch? Know what to have in the pantry & fridge! 

Grocery Shopping

Making the Most of Your Trip

Going to the grocery store can be a chore when changing your lifestyle. Simplify!

Country Drive

Maintaining on a Busy Day

We are all so busy! Learn ways to keep healthy habits on busy days. 


Keeping It Realistic

None of this is easy! Let's be honest. Learn how to set realistic expectations.

Thick Frames

Simplifying the Read

There's so much to read on a food package. Learn how to quickly find what's important.

Cleaning Materials

Increasing Your Daily Activity

Creating ways to increase your activity while doing what you have to do anyway.

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