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Eating Fitward On The Go

It's possible! Learn how...

So it seems as if much of our lives are consumed by appointments...

Be here by this time and there by that time.

When and how is one to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you're always on the go?



You have to get organized. It is a tough, but very necessary task.


A personal Fitward moment for me was when I realized that in order to make this work, I have to carve time to get organized. It has made a world of difference in my household. I mean, I really got into it. I bought kitchen drawer organizers (Everyone loves our battery drawer!), refrigerator organizers, and other storage containers to make our lives easier. 

So do it! Get organized. It really does feel great.



Keep all of this stuff simple!

  • If you're going to be running errands all day, grab some snacks to hold you over throughout the day. 

  • This seems easier said than done, but it's a much easier task if you've already created a Fitward Kitchen.

  • Grab some nuts, dried fruit, water

  • Our go-to is PB&J. If I do not have time to make sandwiches before we head out to a soccer or baseball game, I grab a loaf of whole wheat bread, a jar of peanut butter (natural - only peanuts and salt), and container of jelly (natural - does contain some added sugar).


Get informed

 You're out and about, you're out of snacks, or perhaps, you've forgotten the snacks at home.

  • AVOID that drive-through line. I know, it's tough!

  • If you find yourself with no choice but to do it, take some time in the parking lot and scroll through the nutrition facts.

  • The % daily value usually isn't included on these so look keep these limits in mind...

    • Less than 65g of total fat in 1 day​

    • Less than 20g of saturated fat in 1 day

    • Less than 300mg of cholesterol in 1 day

    • Less than 2,400 mg of sodium in 1 day

  • With that in mind, if an item contains...

    • >20% of the nutrient in question, it's considered to contain a high amount of it.

    •  <5% is low. 

    • For example, if an item contains 30g of total fat, that's 46% of the total fat maximum in a day. 

  • So when making the decision to hit the drive-through:​

    • Make an informed decision, check the nutrition facts.

    • Even the seemingly healthy choices could surprise you.

    • Try eating a small portion of what you pick.   


create new habits

Old habits do die hard, it's true. However, you can do this!


  • You've decided to skip the drive-through, but now what are you going to eat?

  • Stop at a near by grocery store.

  • There are several grab and go items right there in the produce section.

    • Bananas, for example, are a convenient snack.​

    • Pre-cut fruit and veggies

    • Nuts, seeds

  • Personal Fitward moments:

    • Again, a go-to for us is to gather the items necessary for PB&J.

    • For me, bananas are a rescue when tempted by unhealthy snacks at the checkout.

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