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Kitchen Storage

Below you will find links to purchase what I consider the necessities in my household, along with explanations as to how I use them. To be fully transparent, these are affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission when you purchase. I only recommend items that I use and like. People often ask what I use for certain tasks, so I thought this page would be helpful. If you have ANY questions about the items listed here, please do not hesitate to contact me (
Food Storage

We use these for produce that's prepped, like watermelon and cantaloupe that they've cut up so it's ready to eat.

meal prep

Love these prepping lunches for the kiddos. I do two days at a time. I put fruits on one side and veggies/salad on the other. I offer them the option of nuts, seeds, and energy balls in addition. This brand also offers single compartment and three compartment options.

Love these storage sets. I've had mine for so long that the sets have changed a little, but still the same concept. We use bowls for food storage and the baking dishes for both cooking and storage. The baking dishes here are deeper than the ones I have. Love the baking dishes for lasagna. You can make a homemade whole wheat lasagna or lasagna using zucchini (sliced thin with a mandolin) using this easy almond flour ricotta recipe.


I love these for organizing snacks for the kids to reach. I have them all lined up on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator filled with high-demand produce. You can do the same in the pantry. 

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