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Do Want to Start Eating Healthier? Here's How to Begin!

So you have made a decision, a life changing decision. You have decided to change the way you eat. Notice that I did NOT use the word diet. In order to have sustainable health changes, you have to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Becoming healthier certainly does not happen overnight. It does not happen with jumping on the latest diet trend. It does not happen with starving yourself. It does not happen with binge exercising. It happens when you decide to change your lifestyle. When you decide to change how you live your life: you can achieve and maintain a healthy weight, you can decrease your risk of several chronic diseases and some cancers that are related to lifestyle, you can be confident and happy that you are doing everything in your power to take great care of yourself. We should strive to do everything we can to enjoy our lives in our health, not limiting ourselves due to poor choices we have made. You want to enjoy your healthiest life by controlling what you can control. You can control how you treat your body.  So basically, eating a poor diet can lead to poor health, which can lead to a poor quality of life. Not to scare anyone too much with all the medical talk, but I want to make a point. I hear people say all the time, well you only live once so I want to enjoy it. I get it. Donuts taste good. Chips taste good. Cheese tastes good. It is not that unhealthy foods taste bad. It’s just that too much reeks havoc on your body. Eating a diet that consists primarily of unhealthy foods leads to an unhealthy life. One that you cannot enjoy. So, yes, you can eat a cookie, but do not buy cookies to keep your pantry. Do not have a stockpile of unhealthy snacks on deck to eat at a moments notice. I have a huge issue with cookies. I LOVE cookies. When I would bake or bu