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How to Cope with Change, Part 4: Try Not to Head Too Far in Wrong Direction

The path to change is often not a straight one, and that's okay. Expect to turn, hit some bumps, stop then go, and sometimes go backwards then forward again. There's no universal roadmap to changing your habits. There's a path, and you create it. It's unique to you. No one can really tell you how to get there. You can obtain advice and ultimately decide what to do with it; however, only you will know what's right for you. You will discover that along the journey as you trial new and different things. A lesson I've learned with my family in changing eating habits is it's really important when you get turned around, to find your way back to the right direction as quickly as possible. I've learned in watching my youngest son adapt to eating healthy, the less time you spend doing the habit you want to change, the easier it is to start the new habit.