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How to Cope with Change, Part 4: Try Not to Head Too Far in Wrong Direction

The path to change is often not a straight one, and that's okay. Expect to turn, hit some bumps, stop then go, and sometimes go backwards then forward again. There's no universal roadmap to changing your habits. There's a path, and you create it. It's unique to you. No one can really tell you how to get there. You can obtain advice and ultimately decide what to do with it; however, only you will know what's right for you. You will discover that along the journey as you trial new and different things. A lesson I've learned with my family in changing eating habits is it's really important when you get turned around, to find your way back to the right direction as quickly as possible. I've learned in watching my youngest son adapt to eating healthy, the less time you spend doing the habit you want to change, the easier it is to start the new habit.

Our youngest was only a year old when we started our journey to healthier eating. He had not had much exposure to chicken nuggets and snack cakes. With that, I've noticed he doesn't ask for those things. When sitting at the dinner table, he will just eat his vegetables (if he feels like eating them that day). He doesn't usually need much prompting, which is different than the older children. They are learning to change a habit. He is just learning a habit. There's a difference. Often, it's easier to just start off doing the right thing than it is to stop doing the wrong thing then start the right thing. He is only three years old. With that in mind, he has days he does not eat much or stints where his variety in what he eats is non-existent. Right now for example, he eats waffles once to twice a day. I'm sure he wouldn't be upset if they were served at every meal. That's fine with us right now. If you've raised a toddler, you might relate. It's not worth the ordeal. Nevertheless, he's doing pretty well. I attribute that to him not having the duration of exposure to what I would consider now foods to avoid.

Once you accept that the path to change is not a straight path, you can be forgiving. Forgiving of whom? You. Do not beat yourself for not being "perfect". We're not perfect. Be okay with that. Realize you will "mess up." So what. What's more important than the "mess up" is not using that moment or those moments as reasons to give up. Just accept that it happened, it happens, and will happen then just keep rolling on towards your goal. Those imperfections are just the turns, bumps, and jumps through the journey, Do not make them into roadblocks. Do not create a dead end for yourself when there are so many open roads to attaining your goals and being where you want to be. Your job is to just not give up. Don't quit on yourself. Please don't quit on yourself. You deserve to give yourself the best you can. If you have goals, reach them.

We spend so much time getting in our own way. Reciting excuses as to why we can't or shouldn't. reach for the stars. I say reach. Reach high. Accept that challenges will arise. These obstacles may get you turned around, but don't get lost. Don't spend too much time headed in the wrong direction. Do yourself a favor and get right back where you need to be as quickly as you can do it. What I've learned from my youngest son is the less time you're spending doing things that you don't want to be doing, the easier it is to do the things you do want to do. We have to stop giving bad habits so much of our time. It only makes it harder to allow time for new activities to become habits. We're changing eating habits, so for us, it's better to not keep foods we no longer want to eat often in our house. If those foods are not around, then we can't eat them without great effort. With that, we spend more time and effort eating healthy foods that are around. It's much easier when there's not a choice. Healthy food is around and the food that we no longer wish to eat often is not. Easy. No battle of will power. Less stress.

Make your path to your goals as easy, efficient, and smooth as you can. Accept that there will be obstacles in the road but continue on. Do not give challenges the power to stop you. You can reach your goals. Create a supportive environment around you, and go for it. Sometimes we just need some encouraging words.

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