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Sweet Tooth Have a Mind of Its Own? Here's Some Tips to Those of Us.

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

It's nine o'clock pm. The house is quiet and dark as every one nestles in bed for a restful night of sleep. All is calm, except for one. In the kitchen, there shines a single light from the pantry. Inside stands a woman with a thoughtful look on her face. She bites half her bottom lip as she contemplates her next move. In front of her are rows of shelves. There's pastas, oatmeal, oils, vinegars, teas, etc. However, that's not where her fixation lies. Her eyes are gazing at a clear, plastic storage bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies. She made them earlier that day as the occasional treat they are for her family. To grasp the full picture of her dilemma, we must go back in time a few hours to when those cookies were made.

Its around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. It has been a couple of months since she's last made cookies for the family. She saves them for special occasions. Today was not particularly more special than the day before; however, she thought it'd be a nice surprise. Not to mention, she had a real hankering for the cookies at the time. Why not use the family as an excuse? About three dozen cookies set on cooling racks on the kitchen counter. She told herself she was only going to eat two cookies. Just two of these hot, fresh out of the oven, melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies. As she takes a bite of the first cookie, she closes her eyes in sheer pleasure. Oh, this is so good! She goes ahead and enjoys the second cookie immediately afterwards. "Ok, now walk away," she tells herself. There's just one little problem. The kiddos want cookies. So as she's handing out a cookie to each kid. She thinks to herself, "Oh, I‘ll have just one more." Well, that turns into two more. Then, she thinks it's probably best if I just go ahead and put these cookies away. So as she's packing them away. The urge strikes again! "Ok, just one last cookie as I'm putting these cookies away." At this point, she's five cookies in. That's when the guilt starts to creep in, and I snap back into myself.

Oh my gosh. I literally just ate 5 cookies. Ugh!!! She strikes again! Who is she, you ask? She's my sweet tooth. I haven't named her, but she's the free-spirited, do-as-she-pleases type. She seems to do as she pleases around sweets. I'll set one goal, and she'll have something else in mind. She usually wins, too. I'm a nonviolent person, and she's kind of rowdy. Sooooo...I just let her have her way so things don't get out of control. You know in a peace keeper kind of way. I have to keep some order. I mean what's one more cookie when you've had 3 or 4 or 5. Ok, ok, ok. I know it's bad, right? Sometimes, I feel like I just can't control myself. The urge is strong, and the immediate satisfaction is gratifying. Now, yes, that's then followed by immediate guilt and a sense of failure. Nevertheless, I just try to shove those feelings to the side. A weakness of mine, is that when it comes to sweets, I do not really like fighting my will power. It's so exhausting. I try to rationalize by saying to myself if it's all gone, then the fight is over. With that, I make it my secret, embarrassing mission to just get them gone. Not all at once, but I have a couple at a time to just keep the cookie count headed in the down direction at a steady pace. So how do I deal with this issue? Well, for starters, I try not to make it an issue.

Tips for Dealing with The Sweet Tooth Within You

1. Keep sweets an occasional treat. Do not make them a regular part of your diet. They become more a treat when you consume them less often. They even taste better when you do so.

2. Do NOT, do NOT keep sweets in the house. This is really important. If sweets are to be a treat, they cannot be readily accessible. The inconvenience really works in your favor. If it’s not there, you cannot eat it.

3. On the occasions that you do have sweets around, place them in inaccessible locations. Basically, do not put cookies in a cookie jar on the counter. Put them away in the pantry or cabinet, way in a back corner. It’s much easier to control your urges when you’re not constantly reminded the sweets are around. You may even get lucky and forget about them. Upon second thought, probably not. Hide them anyway. Out of sight, out of mind.

4. Set a limit for yourself then get rid of the sweets. Decide how much you’re going to consume, then send the rest with your cousin or to a neighbor. If you can’t pawn them off on anyone, consider throwing them out.

5. Find healthier substitutes. When I take a long break between sweets, I start to crave fruits instead. I’ll whip out smoothies like nobody’s business. The key is allowing yourself to get to that point. If you continue to consume sweets, it’s difficult to that point because your body craves that sugar instead.

So the basics are to keep sweets a treat by making them infrequent and inaccessible. Try finding some healthier alternatives as well to feed your sweet tooth. Taking time between indulging makes this much, much easier. Hope this helps tame the sweet-toothed beast in you as well.

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