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What is Whole Food & Why Should I Care?

One of the simplest and best health tips I can offer: EAT WHOLE FOOD as much as you can. The focus being plant-based whole food. What is whole food? Whole food is food that is as close to its natural state as possible. With that, for example, it is strawberries that look and taste like strawberries. It's broccoli that's as close to the way it was just before it was picked. That's whole food. The premise is not messing around with food too much after it is harvested. Even during the cooking process, preparing food in a way that preserves as much of its nutritional value as possible with being sure not to overcook food items. It is eating simply, but not to be confused with boring or unpleasant. Whole food can be eaten and prepared both deliciously and creatively.

Why should you eat whole food? To put it simply, it's what we were meant to eat. It's the food that grows for us to consume. At the opposite end of the food spectrum is highly processed food. That is food that contains little to know whole food ingredients, has added agents for flavor and color enhance